Tasty Vegetarian Eats


I’m Dana: foodie, yoga instructor, and vegetarian.

I decided to become vegetarian when I was 11 years old. At a young age in a house full of meat eaters, I quickly learned that cooking was the surest way to a tasty meal. I became a fan of the Food Network greats and would watch cooking shows in middle school and high school whenever I had the chance and control over the remote (which is hard in a house of 5 kids). My stepdad supported my interest in cooking, and I would work as his sous-chef at any opportunity.

Vegetarianism can be a carb-heavy diet, and I fell into eating what was convenient, easy, and not necessarily healthy in college. After college, I decide to use my cooking knowledge, passion for cooking (and eating!), and various food blogs to try to mix things up.

At the start of 2016, I finally pursued a dream to become a yoga instructor, I quit the corporate world and started Power yoga teacher training. I’ve religiously studied Bikram and Power yoga for the last several years. I’m excited to be able to spread health and wellness through teaching Power yoga at my local yoga studio and writing this 100% vegetarian blog.